What is the Right Age to Vape

Right Age to Vape

With the high in popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes, more people are becoming interested in trying it for themselves. Most experts are promoting it as a far better alternative to tobacco cigarettes, with potentially less worrisome health effects. Companies selling vape on shop and online are popping up at an impressive rate. Many people try vape for themselves may they be tobacco smokers, dry herb smokers, and non-smokers. As well as, vaping also caught the attention of many teens because of its style and different good flavor. During the heights of tobacco cigarettes their popularity, vaping has become an interesting thing that teens want to try.

Can a teenager aged 17 years old and below can try to vape?

The answer to this question is NO. The teens below 18 years old can’t legally pick-up an e-cigarette and start vaping. Starts this January 2018, a federal vaping law for minors forbid anyone younger than 18 years of age from purchasing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a hand in the laws on vaping as well, categorizing e-cigarettes as a similar product to tobacco cigarettes. With this in mind, FDA gave the same regulation applied to tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Age requirement includes in the regulation, a valid ID needed for purchase and a nicotine warning label placed on all nicotine-containing products by 2018.

FDA produces the guidelines for federal law and regulation related to vape products, individual states are responsible for actually enforcing them. Generally, people can assume that their state treats the sale and use of vaping products by minors just as they do tobacco cigarettes. In any case, the laws regulating vaping may change in the future. Whatever adjustment it is a small or dramatic alteration, it is to the person’s responsibility to inform themselves of the most up-to-date regulations. For assurance, it is good to read news or information by the government issuance.

Lastly, the age below 18 years old is not allowed to buy and smoke e-cigarettes and vaping. Stay healthy and be a responsible smoker.